Santa Cruz Bronson R Carbon C MX (2023)

This is the 2023 Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon R Carbon C MX in Matte Black. It’s the base model with RockShox Lyrik and FOX Float X Performance.

While trying to research the new Bronson I found it difficult to find new photos and reviews of this bike. So to help others looking around, here’s a few photos and my thoughts on the bike so far.

As of writing this, I’ve put about 100 miles on the bike. It’s been an adjustment coming from a Trek Marlin 7 (Hard Tail) to a Full Suspension mullet but a few tweaks have made it a great all around bike. I recommend watching the Long-term review of the 2022 model by Vital MTB. The main changes I made were lowering the bar around 5mm and shrinking the cockpit by pushing the saddle forward. Getting the weight to the front helps a lot in the corners.

Overall, I love the bike. It’s fun, climbs well, and is agile in the corners. Future plans for the bike is to upgrade to carbon handlebars and remove some weight here and there.

Here’s a recent video we made at the Pig Trail in Macon, GA.

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