WordPress Maintenance & Performance Solutions

For any size WordPress website, we don’t just offer hosting—we provide a comprehensive suite of services that ensures your site is fast, secure, and consistently updated.

Plugin & Theme Management

Keeping your site plugins and theme up-to-date isn’t just crucial for functionality; it’s a cornerstone of site security.

What We Do

  • Monitor and update plugins weekly.
  • Monitor and update themes.
  • Test the site after updates to ensure nothing has broken.

What That Means

  • Your website stays fresh and in good working order, always performing at its best.

Redundancy & Daily Backups

We don’t just save your data—we protect it before it even needs saving.

What We Do

  • Automatically capture complete code and database backups every 12 hours.
  • Create backups on-demand.
  • Instantly deploy a staging environment for updates, testing, and new projects.

What That Means

  • Your content is safe, and we can innovate without impacting the website your users see.

Optimized Speed & Performance

With half of users expecting a site to load in under 2 seconds, performance isn’t optional; it’s essential.

What We Do

  • Run your site on high-performance servers with WordPress-specific optimization.
  • Setup automatic platform optimization for the best possible loading times.

What That Means

  • A site that not only meets but exceeds your users’ expectations, thanks to the powerful technology we employ.

Iron-Clad Security

We safeguard you from the risks and take proactive measures to keep your site safe.

What We Do

  • Disable vulnerable plugins.
  • Patch WordPress vulnerabilities promptly.
  • Disallow simple passwords and set rules to deter malicious activity.

What That Means

  • Peace of mind knowing your website is protected following the latest security protocols.

24/7 Support & Monthly

We’re early birds and night owls. We have years of WordPress experience and are available for whatever else you may need.

What We Do

  • Content management.
  • Development support (from adding new templates to tweaking your existing website).
  • Design consulting.

What That Means

  • You have access to experts who understand the challenges and are always ready to assist.

Flexible Solutions for All Sites

Our services aren’t limited to the sites we build. They’re perfect for any WordPress site, whether we’ve designed it or not.